1kW Car Power Inverter

1000 watt car power inverter

Modified sine wave power inverter has 1000 watt continuous and 2000 watt peak power, selectable input 12V/ 24V/ 48V DC and output 110V/ 120V/ 220V/ 240V AC, rapidly power and charge your devices via AC household outlet and USB port, with multiple security protections against under/ over voltage, overload, overheat and short circuit, durable construction, high efficiency and favorable price, best power inverter for car.


  • 1000 Watt continuous and 2000 Watt surge power
  • AC household power outlet (Optional 110/120V/220V/230V/240V AC) – converting DC vehicle’s power to AC power for electronic devices
  • USB port – charge your cell phones, laptops, tablets and other USB compatible devices
  • Multiple safety protection – overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, over temperature, short circuit protection (reverse polarity connect)
  • Durable housing, easy installation and high efficiency – ideal for use on road trips, vacations, work trips, camping and other outdoor activities where AC power is needed
  • Built-in temperature-controlled cooling fan with low noise


Rated power1000W
Peak power2000W
Input voltageDC12V/ DC24V/ DC48V DC12V/ DC24V/ DC48V
Output voltage100VAC or 110VAC or 120VAC±5%/ 220VAC or 230VAC or 240VAC±5%
Unload current less than0.8A/ 0.5A/ 0.2A/ 0.8A/ 0.5A/ 0.2A
Output frequency50Hz±0.5Hz or 60Hz±0.5Hz
Output waveformModified Sine Wave
USB port5V 1A
Max. efficiency85%
Input voltage range10-15.5V/ 20-31V/ 40-61V/ 10-15.5V/ 20-31V/ 40-61V
Low voltage alarm10.5±0.5V/ 21±0.5V/ 42±1V/ 10.5±0.5V/ 21±0.5V/ 42±1V
Low voltage protection10±0.5V/ 20±0.5V/ 40±1V/ 10±0.5V/ 20±0.5V/ 40±1V
Over voltage protection15.5±0.5V/ 31±0.5V/ 61±1V/ 15.5±0.5V/ 31±0.5V/ 61±1V
Low voltage recover12.3±0.5V/ 24±0.5V/ 48±1V/ 12.3±0.5V/ 24±0.5V/ 48±1V
Over voltage recover14.8±0.5V/ 29.5±0.5V/ 59±1V/ 14.8±0.5V/ 29.5±0.5V/ 59±1V
Low voltageAlarm at first; voltage continuously reduces, LED Red light on & shut down.
Over voltageLED Red light on, shut down
Over loadLED Red light on, shut down
Over temperatureAlarm at first; temperature continuously rises, LED Red light on & shut down
Short circuit: LED Red light on
Input reverse polarityFuse burn-out
Working temperature-10℃ ~50℃
Storage temperature-30℃ ~70℃
Cooling methodIntelligent cooling fan

12/24V DC to AC Power Inverter Wiring Diagram

Note: The connection of 48V power inverter with batteries is similar to the wiring of 24V inverter, and the batteries is connected in series.