9 Tips for Taking Care of a Power Inverter

A power inverter is a power converter device that can convert the DC from a battery into the AC. It is an oscillator that can switch the polarity settings rapidly from DC into AC and make a square wave. With a power inverter, you can use the devices that require AC instead of drawing DC power.

If you’re living in a remote place where you have only direct current for power, a power inverter is a necessity. So, the power inverter is so important, how do we take good care of it? Here are some simple ways to take good care of your inverter so that you can avoid some of the problems.

Modifie sine wave inverter

Keep it out of The Reach of Children

If you have kids at home, don’t assume that they won’t tamper with the inverter. If they don’t do it in your presence, they are likely to play with it when you are not at home. Its LCD display unit attracts them. So, put your inverter in a place where you can secure it.

Ventilation is Important

You already know that your inverter can generate a lot of heat. This may get worse when you install it in a place with poor ventilation.

That’s why we will always advise you to install your power inverter in a place with good ventilation. This is very important as proper ventilation will put your inverter in a perfect condition for a long time.

Wash the Battery Terminals Regularly

The battery terminals often get corroded and rusty. So, you need to wash them regularly. You can make it once a fortnight. You know we also discussed that the terminal heads sometimes loosen up.

Washing the terminals will prevent it because you will disconnect them before washing them and tighten them after washing them.

Don’t Overload it

Don’t overload your inverter. Take the time to know the amount of power each of your appliances consumes. You should also know the power limit of your inverter. It is when you know this that you can avoid overloading it.

Don’t Manage a Faulty Battery

When you discover that a battery is faulty, it is better to fix it or change it. When you keep using it, other batteries will be pushed beyond their limits, and this will reduce their lifespan.

Keep your Batteries Charged Always

Don’t wait until your batteries are almost flat before you charge them. You should always keep charging them as long as there’s sunlight.

If you continue to wait until they are flat before you charge them, you are already killing them gradually. They won’t last that way.

Never Skip Routine Maintenance

How to maintain the inverter? As explained earlier, you need to get every component in your solar power system inspected regularly. This ensures that all the components in your system are working perfectly. Also, it helps to detect and avert a potential problem. Remember, prevention is always better and cheaper than cure.

Don’t Tamper With Your Inverter

As much as we encourage you to know more about your inverter, we don’t advise you to dismantle it for troubleshooting. Also, never hire an unqualified person to fix it for you. If the manufacturer detects that it has been opened by someone who is not qualified to fix it, you may void the warranty on it.

Choosing a High-Quality Inverter

Generally, low-quality products don’t last as long as high-quality ones. It is the same with inverters. High-quality inverters can withstand more pressure than low-quality ones. They also last much longer than low-quality products.

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