Application of Power Inverter

The application of a power inverter varies. Because of the huge benefit of a power inverter, it can be applied in a variety of places and jobs. A power inverter could be applied in the:

Power inverter

Running of Variable Frequency Motor Drives

While applying the power inverter for variable-frequency motor drives (VFD), the power inverter converts from the power from direct current to alternating current power.

The inverter also provides a medium for the control of the frequency and voltage produced by the alternating current power.

Running of Solar Panels

Depending on the type and size of an inverter, there is a provision of bigger inverters, which can run throughout on a Twenty-four-volt direct current and even currents with higher voltage.

In solar panels, inverters used as Solar panels need to convert direct current to alternating current. For this conversion to take place, this solar panel needs the aid of an inverter. And this is when the power inverter is applicable, to convert DC to AC in Solar panels.

Use of Fuel Cells

Just like the Solar panels, fuel cells produce direct current power. Which needs to converted to alternating current control for a variety of use.

Especially the use of electronic equipment and tools. And because they turn DC power to AC power. They need the help of an inverter to aid in the conversion of DC power to AC power.

Use of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Uninterruptible Power Supplies, UPS, are a viral electronic tool found almost in every residential and primarily commercial place. They are now as common as stabilizers. Due to safety and other factors, there is a considerable need for uninterruptible power supply. Especially for very delicate electronic equipment.

Comparing with the power inverter and UPS, a UPS functions through the use of a battery set and an inverter to provide power when power is not available. How the UPS works, is that it charges itself and stores up electrical energy in the battery.
The converter in it aids in converting these stored charges from DC power to AC power. So when electricity is not available, one can make use of the stored charges for electricity.

Use for Extended Power Supply

In some countries where there is still a shortage of electricity, an inverter is essential as it would help in the running of daily activities that require the use of power.

It could be used in cases of emergency and could come in handy when the electricity is no longer available, and there is still work to do. In such cases, as mentioned above, the need for a power inverter is a definite necessity.

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