Disadvantages of Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Although the pure sine wave inverters have many advantages, when it comes to the disadvantages associated with pure sine wave inverters, there are very few to mention. Following are some of the disadvantages.

High cost

Pure sine wave power converter

The biggest and the most significant disadvantage of a pure sine wave inverter is that it is costly. These inverters are costlier as compared to the modified sine wave inverters as they use more sophisticated state of the art technology in the manufacturing process. When it comes to making payment, you always need to pay more for the pure sine wave inverter of the same watt as the modified sine wave inverter. So, before you make your purchase, it is always advisable to know about your budget and affordability. The modified sine wave inverters will work perfectly with appliances that don’t need rectifiers and which can be powered by any regular DC adapter.

So, if you are planning to power any such equipment, it’s better to go for the modified sine wave inverter. But if you want to power any sophisticated equipment and you want to work quickly with equipment like a microwave oven, you should go for the pure sine wave inverter. So, make your choice wisely. Since the only disadvantage of a pure sine wave inverter is the affordability, you need to think properly before you invest.

Shorter Battery Running Time

The pure sine wave inverters use DC power more efficiently as compared to the other form of the inverter. Thus, the battery may not last as long as you expect. The reason for shorter battery running is that the pure sine wave inverters are made up of complex technologies that are integrated into its circuit. In addition to this, Pure Sinewave inverters also include heavy and inefficient transformers leading to a shorter battery running time.

When these disadvantages are considered, a modified sine wave inverter can be a better choice for you. But if you can neglect and look beyond the disadvantages related to shorter battery life and higher cost, the pure sine wave inverter has numerous positive features that you can use to power your devices.

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