Power Inverter for Home

If you need emergency home backup power because your home experiences power loss during thunderstorms, hurricanes or severe winter weather, an inverter charger helps keep essential appliances running.

Most often, emergency home backup power runs off a standard car battery, essentially turning your car into a generator. The car should be kept running while the inverter is in use to prevent the battery from becoming depleted. The power inverter can still be used if the car is off, but this is not recommended for prolonged periods. If you do use the inverter without the engine running continuously, start your car up every hour and let it run for 10 minutes to recharge the battery.

To create an emergency backup system without a vehicle, you can hook up two 12V car batteries to one inverter. That will provide enough power to run the average household refrigerator for up to two days, depending on the size of the batteries, the size of the fridge and how full it is. It’s a smart idea to have a spare battery or two on hand in case the power failure exceeds your battery runtime.

Application for home

Look for an inverter or inverter/ charger with a wattage capacity greater than the appliances you need to keep running. Refer to table below: Typical Wattage of Common Home Appliances.

Device/ ApplianceTypical Wattage
Desktop Computer with Monitor200 – 400W
Laptop Computer20 – 75W
Inkjet Printer15 – 75W
Gaming Console125W
LCD TV, 32″50 – 70W
LCD TV, 42″90 – 250W
Table Lamp with Incandescent Bulb60W
Table Lamp with CFL Bulb13 – 15W
Table Lamp with LED Bulb6 – 9W
Fluorescent Tube Light40W
Coffee Maker, Drip550 – 1200W
Coffee Maker, Keurig200 – 1500W
Microwave Oven1000 – 2000W
Refrigerator, 15 cu ft.240W
Vacuum Cleaner300 – 1500W
Tabletop or Box Fan50 – 120W
CPAP Machine200W
Hair Dryer1200 – 1600W
Space Heater1000 – 1500W
Furnace Fan75 – 400W
Electric Drill700W
Electric Screwdriver60 – 300W
Circular Saw1250W
Jig Saw350W

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