Why the Power Inverter Makes Noise?

Unusual sounds from your inverter is a cause for alarm. These noises can be a sign of a fault about to happen, one that could destroy your power inverter or even cause a fire or just an annoying sound that does not affect the performance of the inverter. So, in this post, we’ll walk through the common inverter noises, what causes them and how they can be fixed.

Loud hum/ vibrating sound from the inverter

Some appliances when connected to an inverter cause a loud hum or vibrating sound in the inverter. It sounds like the inverter is under strain even when the connected appliance’s power consumption is within the inverter’s capacity.

Examples of appliances that may cause this are:

  • Hair straightener
  • Bean to cup machines
  • Hair dryers
  • Dimmable light bulbs

The vibrating sound is caused by interference these appliance create when they process the inverter output power that is then picked up by the inverter.

Repeated clicking sound in the inverter

Sometimes you may experience loud/ repeated clicks in the inverter instead of the expected hardly audible single click when the Automatic Transfer Switch of the inverter/ charger switches from grid power to inverter and back for example.

This repeated click maybe a result of:

  • In the case of solar inverters, not high enough solar PV voltage for the inverter to switch to the grid. So, you experience the repeated click until the solar voltage is high enough.
  • A failing relay in the inverter.

In both cases, it is best to consult the inverter customer support to confirm whether it is expected or a fault.

Noisy sound heard when the inverter fan runs

A noisy sound from the inverter may be heard when the fan kicks in. This may be caused o a dusty/clogged fan not rotating freely or a fan that is about to fail.

When this happens:

  • Check the fan and clear any debris, making sure it can rotate smoothly.
  • If this noise persists, consider replacing the fan. If not possible, then quite likely the inverter needs to be replaced.
  • If your inverter is still under warranty, then you need to turn it in otherwise you may have to go to take it to a local authorized repair center.

Loud constant buzzing sound in inverter

Sometimes you have a constant buzzing or vibrating sound regardless of whether an appliance is connected or not. This is usually in inverters with large transformers that have been in service for sometime.

The inverter/charger will still work well in spite of the sound likely caused by a lose vibrating transformer plate(s). Should this happen, contact the inverter support if the unit is still under warranty or a reputable local repair service center.

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